dilluns, 17 d’octubre de 2016

Entorn explotable

Hernández Pijuan 1972

"If you put God outside and set him vis-a-vis his creation and if you have the idea that you are created in his image, you will logically and naturally see yourself as outside and against the things around you. And as you arrogate all mind to yourself, you will see the world around you as mindless and therefore as not entitled to moral or ethical consideration. The environment will be yours to exploit..."

Gregory Bateson a Steps to an ecology of mind (1972), citat per Peter Reason a Reflections on Sacred Experience and Sacred Science, Journal of Management Inquiry, 1993

Possible traducció:

"Si poses a Déu fora i el configures vis-a-vis la seva creació i si tens la idea que estàs creat a la seva imatge, et veuràs a tu mateix, lògicament i naturalment, com fora i contra les coses que hi ha al teu voltant. I en la mesura que arroguis tota ment a tu mateix, veuràs el món al teu voltant com a mancat de ment i, per tant, sense dret a consideració moral o ètica. L'entorn serà teu per a ser explotat..."